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Setting a Deadline

Updating wallpaper with the time left

A less annoying way for reminding you

Full Customization

Cross Platform

Runs efficiently in the background


So, I was researching on “what makes someone productive?” for the 731th time! And surprisingly I found it in a video from Jonas Tyroller - Indie game developer.

I like to take inspiration from game developers cause in my opinion they're the most motivated/inspiring developers 😊.

This video was about asking successful game developers on how they think about productivity and the results were fascinating, they all agreed on Deadlines as the most effective solution for procrastination.

I’ve always avoided deadlines in my side projects as they’re usually for learning purposes cause I thought setting deadlines will make me rush through the project and skip learning important details.

And so I said to myself: “Hey, let’s test this technique on my current side project(lightning-fast markdown parser), that can also improve my deadlines’ estimations a bit.”

Then I set a 14-days deadline, I immediately started to feel the difference on the first 2-4 days, after that I started to forget about how much time is left, so I wake up and say: “Hey, let’s watch a YT video and get to work after that, not a big deal right?”, plot twist: Yes, it was a big deal. The way you start your day has a huge impact on how the rest of it will go.

So I searched for desktop apps for setting deadlines and keeping track of it and what I found was that they’re all share the same issues:

  • Limited customizations
  • I’ve to start it whenever I boot up my OS
  • Lots of super annoying notifications for the remaining time
  • Uses kind of a lot of resources in the background

So, that was a sign for a good Rust 🦀 project that aims for solving these issues 💪.


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